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Why play SmallRust?

SmallRust offers a truly unique PVE experience in the Rust universe, tailored for those who crave adventure without the grind. Our server is distinguished by an innovative collection of plugins that enrich gameplay, offering unparalleled customization and excitement. From skill progression and automated resource gathering to thrilling PvE challenges and custom events, SmallRust provides a diverse and engaging environment for every type of player. Dive into a server where your progression, strategy, and skill determine your success.

Raidable Bases
Challenge yourself with buyable raidable bases. Engage in rewarding raids to obtain components, cash, and valuable materials. Each base presents a unique puzzle, balancing risk with potential rewards.
Tiered Cargo Ships Tiered Patrol Helicopters Skill Tree Virtual Quarry Arctic Base Event Convoy Armored Trains Custom Recycler Furnace Upgrades