WIPe 1

Patch notes and summary of wipe 1!

What a wipe!

It has been an amazing first wipe for SmallRust, we hit more users in our first wipe than we could ever have imagined, so thank YOU for being apart of the launch! We will be looking to give rewards to those of you who logged in during that first wipe, stay tuned for that!

During these 2 weeks we have been closely monitoring what has been going on in the server and speaking to users to work out what needs to be changed or what people think could be added, a couple of things stood out to us;

  1. There is a LOT to do but people didn’t know what it was! We added some frequent tips which rotate every hour to help you understand what is available in the game!

  1. Skill Tree was going to be an essential part of the gameplay so we needed to do some balancing changes, you can see the full list of changes below!

Change Log


  • Moved all rewards from the Skill Tree levels to be kits, the reason for this is if you’re out mining and gain a reward it would drop on the floor and you might miss it, now you can gain your reward at any point using the /kit menu.
  • All of the PVP buffs have been changed to Boss NPC buffs, we thought having PVP buffs for the bubbles on the server or on purge day wasn’t that good of an idea, we have changed this to be against Boss NPCs so that they’re a bit easier if you choose to use your points on this tree!
  • Recycler cost has changed to the following: 2,500 Metal Fragments, 20 Tech Trash, 250 HQM and 20 pipes!
  • Test Generator cost has changed to the following: 15 Electric Fuses, 20 Tech Trash, 5,000 Metal Fragments and 35 Battery - Small
  • We have added a wipe block timer of 24 hours to all kits
  • All custom NPCs around monuments have had their health increased to 200


  • Increased default scrap cost for re-speccing from 30 to 50 per point.
  • Changed the Chimney buff from 10% per level to 5% per level, Charcoal is still really easy to come-by using this feature however 10% made it extremely easy allowing some users to gain over 150k charcoal within 20 minutes of farming!
  • The maximum increase for horse speed is now 100% instead of 200% as horses were EXTREMELY fast pre-patch and as much as we enjoyed riding around on them, it was a bit much!
  • Pumpjack output values were slightly increased the maximum output you can find went from 2.5 to 3.5
  • Quarry output was increased from 2 -> 2.5 on HQM, 40 -> 50 on Metal, 30 -> 35 on Sulfur
  • Rewards were slightly tweaked on a lot of quests


  • Only allowing raidable perks to work within raidable bases, seeing some bases just get demolished on purge day was fun but ruined the spirit of purge!
  • The MLRS Ultimate now requires you to have the rockets in your inventory when you’re using it
  • The maximum increase for minicopter speed is now 100% instead of 150%, this is a smaller decrease than the horses and was only done due to some bugs that appeared due to minis going so fast!
  • Reduced stone amount from virtual quarries so that quarry didn't fill up as quick
  • Components were doubled in stack sizes
  • We have brightened night times a little bit so it's not as dark all the time.
  • Large & Small backpacks are now supported to stop players looting each other outside PVP zones
  • Bradley & Heli quests were added, each have 3 levels and go from 1 , 5 and 10 takedowns!