Wipe 2

Month 1 is complete!

Thanks for the first month!

We have now been open for a month and have seen over 60 unique players joining the server, this is more than we could have ever thought would appear within the first month! We are excited to see where the server goes and will continue to update the server!

Look out next month for a custom chat tag plugin we’re working on which will give players tags based on achievements within the wipe!

Change Log


  • All players now have access to skinbox
  • Chest stacking amounts have been changed and Non VIPs can now stack 2 boxes
  • We have added multiple new bases into the server ranging from Easy - Nightmare.


  • All weapon attachment stack size was increased from 1 to 10
  • Kill scientists was updated so now more scientists count towards the quest
  • Kill scientist / dweller rewards increased by 50% on all levels
  • Keycard Quests rewards were increased per different colour cards
  • Twitch rivals desk and YouTooz toys added to additional craft menu


  • The train will now attack, the first reason for this is because previously people would land on the train and stop it without being attacked
  • Helicopter crates from Convoy were raised from 3 to 4, also now uses the same loot table as normal helicopter loot
  • Protective dome radius for Convoy was increased from 70 to 100 in size
  • Patrol helicopters no longer do damage to player bases while in PVP zones
  • Animal quest kill amount were all lowered
  • Outpost horse vendor now correctly sells the right items like ranch
  • Replaced auto night lights plugin to a more updated one, has more options and no duplication glitch with fuel anymore