Wipe 3

Lots of balancing changes have arrived!

Big changes have arrived!

We have been listening to the feedback you guys have been giving around progression on the server. We understand that all of the levelling rewards were cash based so once you got higher levels things were wasted, this lead us to take a look at all of the progression within the server, not just the levelling!

First we decided to address the levelling reward issues, we have removed all cash & items from levelling and have decided to give people access to certain plugins / features instead. To us this seems better as its something to work towards by continually playing the server and its not something you will lose on wipe. You can find a full list of the changes to levelling rewards below.

We then looked at Virtual Quarries and realised they were a bit too easy to get so early into wipes. We looked at Raidable Bases and realised there wasn’t really a need for people to do them once they had the boom for nightmares. We took these 2 situations and created one solution, you now need to find engine parts from different tiers of raidable bases to upgrade your virtual quarry. You will gain the first level of quarry in the usual way, reach level 30 and its unlocked for you! Upgrade 1 of your quarry now needs a Bronze Engine, this can be acquired by doing Regular raidable bases. There is a 10% chance of this appearing in the loot table so it might take some bases to be able to get it! The Silver Engine comes from the Hard raidable bases and the Gold Engine comes from the Expert raidable bases, like the bronze these are also both a 10% drop chance!

Whilst we were doing these changes we also put all of the “buyable events” into the /shop, this is Raids, Custom Helicopters and also now Custom Cargo Ships! They’re our new event we’re adding to the server this month, get to level 40 and you will be able to call in a Custom Cargo Ship. These scale in level similar to the Custom Patrol Helicopter (Easy, Regular, Hard and Boss) and the loot also scales.

Change Log


  • Cooldown on MOST quests changed to 7 days [Animal killing quests are 4 day cooldowns]
  • You no longer receive cash from levelling you will gain access to plugins
  • New plugin which allows you to auto upgrade your base in a specific skin (Unlock this by reaching level 20)
  • New plugin which shows your a healthbar of the target you are shooting (Only works on NPCs, Animals)
  • Most buyable items have now been moved to the /shop, this includes Cargo Ships and Raids. This also means VIP and MVPs can take advantage of the shop discount!


  • Small Battery stack size was increased from 10 to 50
  • Added virtual quarry tab to info so players know what upgrades and where
  • Junkyard, Large & Small Harbor bots have had their spawn points changed
  • Once the convoy starts moving any ownership will be reset


  • Water treatment bots now drop all required custom loot
  • Bug where players could damage other bases has been found and fixed
  • VIP - MVP teleport cooldown timer has been properly set to 30 seconds from 60 seconds