Wipe 4

Wipe 4 of SmallRust!

new website launched!

As you have probably seen since you're reading this blog post, we have launched a new website! The theme might look familiar, thats because we tried to replicate a similar style to what playrust.com looks like! Let us know in Discord if you have any feedback about the website!

Change Log


  • New custom title plugin to award users titles for certain actions!
  • Purge and Wipe timer are now custom statuses on the right side


  • Automated messages have been made smaller to reduce chat spam
  • Automated the server updates meaning we won't be behind for very long anymore
  • HUD now only shows active events, this list was getting long so we thought this was a good change
  • Admins and Mods now have a custom HUD to show which admin features they have enabled (god, vanish, noclip etc)
  • We have automated raid islands being setup on new wipes, this will save admins time


  • /town now goes to the correct location automatically, this was causing some people to go under the map
  • Fixed the purge pvp kit